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Telecommunication Services

For a successful project completion, detailed and accurate drawings are essential. Sound engineering review and design is essential for the safe development of any structure. Our team of engineers and designers can provide all the tools that will take you through a site development process to successful completion without delay. Our site development services include:

   Structural Engineering Services

      • Tower Inspections / Mappings
      • Tower Structural Analysis
      • Tower and other structure upgrade designs or retrofit designs
      • Rooftop evaluation for new telecom equipment
      • New tower foundation designs
      • New tower foundation designs
      • Custom mount designs
      • Building & foundation design
      • Value engineering review

structural engineering services

   A&E Services

      • Site feasibility consultation
      • Site survey
      • Lease exhibits
      • Photo simulations
      • Zoning drawings
      • Construction drawings
      • As-built drawings
      • Expert testimony